• Tips for Social Distancing with your Spouse

  • During these difficult times where we aren’t really sure of the complete impact of the Corona virus, the phrase we keep hearing is “Social Distancing”.  

    Social distancing is described as the act of keeping away from densely populated gatherings to limit the spread of the virus. 

    While this can seem insignificant, some couples are struggling with the concept of social distancing as we limit our interactions with restaurants, bars, and outdoor events.

    Before your start having some relationship concerns because your are social distancing take a look at the tips below to continue having a good relationship.

    • Use this time to check-in with your spouse on things you have not in a while
    • Catch up on some streaming shows together
    • Attend an online couples workshop
    • Learn a new skill together
    • Cook meals together
    • Try some couples workout sessions

    No matter what you like to do with your spouse, this is a great opportunity to work on your relationship. Make a better connection and improve your communication.  

    To help couples struggling with their communication and relationship, we are now offering online couples counseling.

    -Joaquin Martinez, Couples Counselor