• What is Pre-Marital Counseling?

  • You spouse just came up to you and said “ I think we should get pre-marital counseling”. You are completely blindsided. You may be confused.

    You thought your relationship was moving into such a good place, what is wrong that your significant other is asking you for pre-marital counseling. 

    That is where I come into play. Pre-marital counseling is a particular counseling that helps couples maneuver through some of the difficult conversations, that can create a better framework for a relationship.

    Notice, I did not say that pre-martial counseling is for couples struggling in their relationship before they get married. 

    While pre-marital counseling is beneficial for couples struggling in their relationship, I often have clients for pre-marital counseling that have great relationships, and just want to make sure they build a stronger bond for their marriage. 

    Some of the topics generally discussed in pre-marital counseling are: How to effectively communicate /Communicate better, How to understand each other better, how to solve arguments better, how to support each other through difficult times, and how to children impact the relationship.

    These and many other topics can arise in pre-marital counseling. Sessions are completely tailored to each individual couple’s needs. 

    -Joaquin Martinez Jr., Marriage Counselor

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