• 3 Tips for Dating While Stuck at Home

  • Dating is an essential part of any relationship. From the “we just met two weeks ago” relationship to the “I am not sure how we have lasted 45 years” relationship. Dating your spouse gives you both an opportunity to intentionally focus on your relationship for that timeframe.

    When giving dating advice to couples, I suggest having the couples switch off who is the person that plans the date. Being stuck at home can throw a wrench into dating life for couples but have no fear, some dating ideas are here! 

    1 Change the setting 

    The key to any date from home is to change the setting. Go ahead and change somethings up in your date area to create a different environment. Whether you are lighting some candles, putting drapes in places where they have never been or even moving furniture around, the objective is to get the feel of a different place other than home. 

    2 Element of Surprise 

    Does your spouse work from home? Do you have a room you can make them stay in until you are ready? Don’t let your come out of their work from home site until you are completely ready. Dating from home means you have to get creative, and the element of surprise is your best friend. You want that “Wow!” reaction when they enter your date scene. 

    3 Keep it Simple 

    The night and the stars are your second best friends. After the kids are asleep, this is the time to take your date out to the backyard or balcony and stargaze for a while. The night will set it’s own ambiance as you sit there together sipping your favorite beverages with a romantic moonlight above. 

    No matter what you do for your date, the most important thing is that your are investing in your relationship. Every time you take the time out of your day to do something for your spouse is an investment in that great relationship. 

    Let me know what you came up with.

    -Joaquin Martinez Jr., Marriage Counselor