• 2 ways to Not Drift Apart in Your Relationship

  • You speak to any couple that was together for a long time and one thing that is consistent was that at point before their separation they realized that they drifted apart. 

    There are many reasons why couples drift apart, which eventually causes serious rifts in a relationship. There are ways to stay closer as a couple no matter how long the relationship has lasted. 

    Making a relationship vision board

    You are either on two sides of vision boards. You either think they are amazing or you think it’s just some Pinterest craze. I was on the Pinterest craze side of the spectrum until someone finally said something to me that made sense. 

    “Let’s just put all the “put it in the universe” stuff aside. For someone who has a lot on their mind all the time, there is serious benefit to continuously see a goal when you wake up”

    Now take that same mentality to transform it into your relationship. Taking some time out of your lives to sit down and discuss your relationship goals for the next year, 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month. This well help you two understand where you two are in your relationship as well as hone in on a singular vision for the relationship. 

    Making intentional Time as a Couple

    This goes in hand with the relationship vision board tip. In your relationship it is important to make intentional time for each other as a couple. 

    I’ll use the phrase again because it is that important.  Intentional time as a couple. This means that you two create a space where the only focus is your relationship. 

    This may seem Elemntary but the reality is that making intentional time for anything can be difficult. We often live our lives a thousand miles at a time with our careers, children, and other obligations that relationships can shift into autopilot mode. 

    In order to help with this process we create intentional time for your relationship. What this looks like differs with every couple but it could be 20 mins checking in on each other with regards to the relationship after the kids are asleep, having a work from home lunch hour together where you can discuss your relationship, or even finding a time in the morning to meditate as a couple.

    What ever intentional time for your relationship looks like, the point is that you create a platform for the two of you to discuss your relationship. 

    Some of the questions that can be asked during this time frame could be:

    How are you feeling about our relationship?

    How am I doing as your spouse?

    What am I doing well?

    What can I do more of for you?

    -Joaquin Martinez Jr, Couples / Marriage Counselor

    Let me know what you think of these two tips