• 3 Keys From Happy Couples

  • Happiness in a relationship is obtainable. I’ll repeat, people can be happy in their relationships consistently. Here are 3 keys from happy from happy couples

    1. Define Happiness

    A clear definition of what happiness means in your relationship makes both partners in the relationship understand expectations better. This does not mean that you create a power point presentation and each of you pitch an idea of what happiness means (unless that’s your happiness) . What it does mean is that the two of you have a real discussion of what happiness in the relationship means, creating tangible expectations.   

    2. Stop Comparing 

    We compare ourselves with other people at some point or another. Some people do it more than others which causes difficulties in their lives. The same thing happens with couples. Comparing your relationship to other relationships is a quick step for one or both of you to be let down. Comparing relationships only focuses on what your relationship is missing rather than focusing on all the great things in your relationship. 

    3. Listen to each other

    Listening is more difficult than what we think. True listening means that we are a part of the conversation but are not coming up with your own solutions. When we are listening, it is important to provide statements that prove that we are indeed listening. Here are some tips that can help with active listening. 

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