• Tips to Netflix & Chill Better

  • Netflix and chill right? Well sometimes Netflix and Chill becomes Netflix and let’s argue about what we are going to watch or end up not watching anything at all.  

    Here are some tips  to help you Netflix better in your relationship. 


    Think of everything that you like as part of your personal neighborhood. Now think about your spouse and everything they like and that is part of their neighborhood. There might be parts of both of your neighborhoods that meet but other parts are polar opposite. 

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    Questions to Ask Your Self

    When was the last time I went to my spouse’s neighborhood?

    When was the last time my spouse went to my neighborhood?

    Your Neighborhood

    These questions can help better understand how to engage with your spouse with regards to what you want to watch. Maybe you are always in their neighborhood, so then it is important for you to be more assertive about your neighborhood. If your spouse does not visit your neighborhood then how can they truly get to know you. 

    Their Neighborhood

    Same goes for the other direction. Maybe your spouse is constantly in your neighborhood. If that is the case, then give your spouse the opportunity to invite you to their neighborhood. 

    Act Like You Want To Be There 

    The important thing about these neighborhood visits is that when we visit, we have to act like we want to be there. If your spouse invites you to watch True Blood with them but you are on your phone the entire time, or don’t show up for the invitation, then your spouse is more than likely not to invite you as much.

     Next time the two of you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, go ahead and start the neighborhood conversation. That will conversation will lead to one of you taking the lead for the evening and enjoy your chilling. 

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