• Tips For Loneliness

  • Loneliness can be a difficult emotion to deal with consistently. For this article I differentiate between being alone and lonely. Being alone is a time frame that you have no one around.

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    Whether that is for a day, 3 years, or an hour being alone does not correlate with a feeling. Feeling lonely is the feeling that people get when they feel that they don’t have any substantial connections with people. 

    Humans are social so it is normal of people to want to have social interactions. What I find with people that feel lonely is:

    1. They have consistent social interactions but don’t act upon those interactions to create more meaningful moments 


    2. Have social interactions but do not consider them to be substantial

    Some of the ways to deal with that feeling of loneliness is to do what I like to call “mood-incongruent behaviors”

    Some mood congruent behaviors are:

    If you are sad, you tend to watch more sad movies, listen to sad music etc. If you feel lonely you are going to do things as if you are lonely; maybe isolate yourself even more so.

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    The key is to try mood incongruent behaviors that don’t go with your feelings of loneliness. Here are some mood incongruent behaviors to help you with your feeling of loneliness.

    1. Reach out to family or friend on social media or phone
    2. Schedule a video conference with a friend
    3. Exercise
    4. Take brisk walks
    5. Watch uplifting movies/shows
    6. Listen to fun music
    7. Join an online workshop with other people

    Try these out and let me know what you think