• May the 4th: What We can Learn from Relationships in Star Wars

  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..

    There were relationships that while amazed us, showed us some of the struggles and thrills of intergalactic relationships. To celebrate May the 4th, we are going to look at some of those relationships and what we can learn from them to implement in our daily lives. 

    Han and Leia

    Their relationship started off rocky, but Han never stopped pursuing Leia. This reminds me of one of the main parts of relationships that I often speak to my couples which is, constantly pursuing each other. 

    In a relationship, we often get into a place where we feel complacent with our relationship. This can happen when we shift our focus from our relationship to our jobs, children, home projects, and family. 

    One way to help continue to keep our relationship in the forefront is to have a consistent time frame where you and your partner speak on your relationship. Almost as a relationship update meeting (for those of you that really enjoy meetings).   In these conversations it is important to note your small wins in the relationship. 

    2 Ways to Not Drift Apart in A Relationship

    Rey and Kylo Ren

    This is a relationship that we never thought was one at all. One thing that remained consistent throughout this relationship even towards the end is that they were both always fully committed to whatever the moment was. This is essentially what I like to call, being 2 Feet In. 

    Being 2 Feet In is a true understanding of where you are in the relationship and committing yourself completely to that process. Being 2 Feet In means being emotionally available to your spouse while being honest with yourself about your needs. Towards the end of the “The Last Jedi” we saw a depiction of Rey and Kylo being completely 2 Feet In their relationship regardless of the consequences of outside forces. 

    Boost Your Relationship with Small Wins