• Is It Time to Break Up?

  • As a marriage or couples counselor it is almost taboo to discuss break ups. The reality is that breaking up can be a part of a relationship and as vital as dating. I know that sounds weird because why would breaking up be important? Well the truth is that not every relationship is destined for a happily ever after. Sometimes the best thing that two people can decide in a relationship is to end it. Here are some tips to help you understand if you need to have that discussion with your partner about ending the relationship.

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    Are You Happy?

    This seems like an obvious question but often times this question is not addressed well enough with people in relationships. Are you happy with the way the relationship is going? Are you happy with where you two are headed? Are you happy if everything stayed the same? Do you need things to change to be happier?

    The important part about asking yourself this question truly understanding what happiness means to you. It is important that you understand your true level of happiness and at the same time not compare your definition of happiness with others.

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    Have I Been 2 Feet In?

    Often times what I find with relationships that break up is that one or both partners are not two feet into the relationship. Being two feet in means that you are willingly to share your vulnerabilities with your significant other. Being two feet in means that you are willingly to begin difficult conversations because they are necessary. It is not easy being two feet in but it is important for a relationship to prosper. Note, if you or your partner are not two feet in, you can become two feet in. This isn’t an all or nothing scenario.