• 3 Tips to Understand Your Spouse Better

  • Often times what I find with couples is that they have difficulty understanding each other. This difficulty comes from many different places but I am going to give you three tips to help you understand your spouse better.

    1. Understand Their Reality

    This can be tricky because a good amount of couples say “ I understand where they are coming from but they don’t understand me”. True understanding of your significant other’s reality does not have anything to do with their understanding of your reality. When we understand our partner’s reality we aren’t saying we agree, just that we understand.

    2. Listen. I Mean Really Listen

    Listening to your spouse does not mean that you are just hearing what they are saying. Listening means that you are an active member in the conversation without inputting your thoughts, or feelings. This can be difficult to do but truly listening to your spouse without having a pre-thought of comeback helps you understand your spouse better.

    3. Immerse Yourself In Their Neighborhood

    I have had the conversation about neighborhoods before in this blog but essentially what you are doing is immersing yourself in things that make up your spouse. This may look like watching a football game with them, watching their favorite reality show, or listening to their favorite music. Whatever it is, truly immerse yourself in their neighborhood.

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