• 5 Cheap Dates During Covid

  • Out of ideas on how to keep the spark alive in a time of quarantine? Here are 5 cheap dates or ways to keep having fun with your partner without having to worry about exposing yourselves and they won’t break the bank:

    1. Paint Night

    Take advantage of curbside pickup at Michael’s (or your craft store of choice) and put in an order for a large canvas and paint, and paint brushes. You can lay out a bed sheet in your living room floor and make your own Jackson Pollock together.

    2. Romantic Dinner

    There’s dinner and then there’s romantic dinner. Order the ingredients for your date night meal and don’t forget about dessert. You can have your date night groceries delivered or order online to pick up for the free. Agree to be available to each other on a specific date and time. Light up some candles, pop open the $3 wine from Aldi’s (or sparkling water for our non- drinker couples), cook together, eat together, and clean up together.

    3. Game Night

    Dust off your old checkers board or deck of cards and invite your partner to an old -fashioned game night. Loser has to massage the partner’s feet! Let’s not limit it to board games. Those of you who are avid gamers, invite your partner to your world. Show them what Call of Duty is all about. Keep an open mind and try out any game your partner is eager to introduce to you.

    4. Ballad of love

    Pick your favorite song that reminds you of your bae. Bring it to your date time and take turns sharing the lyrics and why the song is meaningful. You will be surprised at how deep this can activity can get but it is a great way to build intimacy.

    5. Mini Spa Night

    Blast your most relaxing playlist, make a pot of tea, and face mask with your honey! Not into the face masks? Not to worry, they make masks for everything out from your hands to your feet. Play a game of compliments while you wait for the 15-20 minutes to go by. Don’t forget to moisturize each other after washing the masks off!


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