• Next Level Love

  • Next Level Love- Have an anniversary coming up and you don’t know how to celebrate your partner during a pandemic? Maybe you have been cooped up with each other for too long and if your boo leaves the dishes in the sink, one more time you are going to scream!

    Time to refocus

    Please step into my office, I have just the thing for you to take your love to the next level or get it out of that quarantine- funk.

    Text messages are sweet but have you ever written your lover a letter? Not just any letter; I am talking a gratitude letter. Write about why you are so grateful that they are in your life.

    Write about particular events you have had and how they have changed you. Write about how that person has inspired you and made you want to be better for both of you.

    Write about how that first kiss swept you off your feet. Read the letter to them out loud. Face to face is best but if you are in the long distance love, video chat or a phone call still works.

    You will see first -hand how impactful that letter will be to your bond. Keep those tissues close because the emotions will be live!


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