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  • 3 Tips for Dating While Stuck at Home

    Dating is an essential part of any relationship. From the “we just met two weeks ago” relationship to the “I am not sure how we have lasted 45 years” relationship. Dating your spouse gives you both an opportunity to intentionally focus on your relationship for that timeframe. When giving[...]

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    3 Steps To Communicate Better in a Relationship

    Difficulty with communication is one of the main reasons why couples struggle. Couples who struggle with communication share some of the same struggles which is often something along the lines of : “They don’t listen to me” “They don’t hear me” “I feel like I am talking to a[...]

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    What is Pre-Marital Counseling?

    You spouse just came up to you and said “ I think we should get pre-marital counseling”. You are completely blindsided. You may be confused. You thought your relationship was moving into such a good place, what is wrong that your significant other is asking you for pre-marital [...]

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    3 Tips to Make Dating Easier

    Dating can be very a confusing and difficult time. You are trying to figure out if you match well with the person you are dating, all the while making sure you are putting your best foot forward.  Some people with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) have even more difficulty in dating because they [...]

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    Tips for Social Distancing with your Spouse

    During these difficult times where we aren’t really sure of the complete impact of the Corona virus, the phrase we keep hearing is “Social Distancing”.   Social distancing is described as the act of keeping away from densely populated gatherings to limit the spread of the virus.  [...]

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