• Session prices:

    Phone sessions (individuals only) $90

    Online 50 min sessions $100

    Online 90 min sessions $140

    In-Person 50 min sessions $130

    In-Person 90 min sessions $170 

    All prices are per session not per person. It does not matter how many people show up to the session.

    Do you take Insurance?

    No. We can use your FSA/HSA card for payment.  HSA/FSA are debit cards that your insurance provides to pay for medical expenses. Usually given at the time that you receive your insurance card.

    If you they would like to find a therapist/counselor (they mean the same) that takes insurance then a good resource for that is www.psychologytoday.com. On that website you can filter out for your insurance in your area.

    How do you schedule sessions?

    We can schedule a session right now over the phone if you know a date and time that you are interested in.

    Do you have sessions in person?

    Yes. We have sessions available in our Downtown Orlando office.

    Do you have sessions online?

    Yes. We have sessions available through zoom.

    How does couples counseling work?

    The counselors will make sure all people in the relationship are feel heard and understood. At times the counselors will challenge each person in the relationship. At other times the counselors may coach and each person in the relationship and provide in the moment feedback.

    How often do we meet with our counselor?

    We do not tell our couples how often to meet with us. Each couple has different needs, the couples decide how often to meet with us. Some couples meet with us once a week, some once every two weeks, and some once a month.

    How many sessions are we going to need to attend?

    We do not tell our couples how many times they need to meet with us. We work with our couples so that they don’t have to come see us anymore. Our couples decide how many sessions to come in depending on their needs.

    What is your counseling orientation?

    Each counselor has their own counseling orientation and are free to use counseling techniques that they feel would benefit the couple best. As an agency we believe that we cannot make couples stay together but we can help couples understand each other better, communicate better, understand their relationship better, learn how to love each other better, and eventually stop meeting with us.